Shrink Bundling Films & Sheeting

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Poly Plastic Products' line of industrial films performs with high tensile strength, superior puncture resistance, and excellent sealability. Poly Plastic Products' line of industrial films will serve all of your packaging needs.

Shrink Films

Super Tuff 2000 SB- Shrink Bundling
  • High Shrink in the "machine direction." (MD)
  • Has very little shrink in the "transverse direction." (TD)
  • TD is usually 5%.
Super Tuff 2000 SK- Full Shrink
  • Provides a more balanced MD/TD shrink.
  • TD is usually 18% or greater.
  • SK film is usually centerfold.
Sta Tite 3000 SB- Stiff Shrink Bundling
  • Stiff formulation allows film to set-up quickly after exiting the shrink tunnel.
  • Normally the film of choice on single roll high speed equipment.
  • The 3000 series does not elongate after it cools.
Cut Rite 4001 HG- Gerber Cutting Table Film
  • Proprietary blend of High Density resins.
  • Excellent stiffness and strength with low COF.
  • No blocking/easy unwind.
Cut Rite 5001 LD- Gerber Cutting Table Film
  • Proprietary blend of LLDPE resins.
  • High elongation, puncture resistance and high slip.
  • Allows knife to glide smoothly over product.
  • Film conforms to uneven surfaces.

  • The postal film produced by Poly Plastic Products has been approved by the United States Postal Authority to be used by mailers on "Poly-wrapped Flats."
  • High clarity films, as well as lighter gauges that can help cut your packaging costs are now available. Please contact a sales representative for details.

Product Configuration

Shrink Films