Degradable Bags and Films


Special Features of EcoPoly Additive

  • Fully degrades depending on surrounding environment.
  • Does not use heat, light or mechanical stress
    to break them down.
  • Does not require special handling.
  • We can custom run any size with the EcoPoly Degradable additive in HD or LLDPE.
  • Fully degrades wherever they are disposed of
    where other things are degrading.
    • In Compost (backyard as well as commercial facilities)
    • In Landfills
    • Buried in the ground or littered
    • Agricultural & erosion-control settings

EcoPoly certificate

Please Note: This additive does not meet the ASTM-D6400 standard.
Custom compostable liners are available to meet the ASTM-D6400 standard.