Environmental Responsibilities


Here at Poly Plastics we are 100% committed to promoting a work place that protects the environment.

All Poly Plastic employees participate in our in house “Green Program”. This program includes segregating wood, cardboard, papers, resin from floor sweepings, and bottles and cans from the waste stream, which are then sent to either third party recyclers or recycled on site.

In addition to this we have installed energy efficient lighting in all of our facilities, and systems in the plant where we reuse available process heat to supplement our plant heating system. Key employees are trained about using process heat coupled with ceiling fans and shutting down exhaust fans prior to running the heating system.

Our process recycling department has recently been upgraded to handle more than 60,000 lbs per day giving PPP the capacity to recycle 1.8 million lbs of scrap plastic per month, about 21.6 million lbs per year. We also are conscious of our products' packaging – our products are being packaged in boxes made from or with a high percentage of recycled materials.

At Poly Plastics Products we are consistently exploring new and different ideas to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Certified Sourcing